Fitness Classes

Classes are FREE for gym members, and $5 per class for non-gym members.  Below is the current schedule of classes, effective 21 May 2018:

Day Class 1 Class 2 Class 3
Monday 5:30pm Power Step 6:30pCardio Boxing 7:30pm BAT
Tuesday 5:30pm Zumba 6:30pm HiiT 7:30pm Power Step
Wednesday 5:30pm HiiT 6:30pm Power Step 7:30pPower 
Thursday 5:30pm BAT 6:30pCardio Boxing 7:30pm Zumba
Saturday 9:00am Power Step 10:00am Zumba


Zumba at the Way of Life Gym


Zumba are our most popular classes!  Pretty much the most awesome workout ever. Dance to great music, with great people, and burn a ton of calories without even realizing it. 


The athletic choreography of POWER STEP will have an immediate impact that will ignite your passion for fitness!  Classes feature functional athletic training and incorporates cardio, power, strength, balance, and agility.


Want to burn calories quickly and develop your endurance? Cardio Boxing is the class for you.  Warm up to some WAR total body workout tracks and then we take you through a range of boxing drills and skills that will get your heart pumping.  This is a high intensity boxing workout with low intensity options.

Butts, Abs and Thighs (BAT)

BAT is back!  This is a triple-threat workout focusing on your Glutes abs and thighs.  These muscle groups get more done in less time by blasting the big muscles in your lower body and working your abs from every angle to burn off more calories. 


POWER is a weights-based class designed to give a full body workout.